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ooh, la lune;

when you and sleep escape me.

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miss lavender;

Maria. 21. Liberal elitist. Pseudo Catholic. English and Political Science major. Procrastination Queen. Mitford stalker fangirl.

This journal is mostly public friends only for now. See this for more info, and comment if you want to be added :)

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alfred hitchcock, american beauty, and-i-must-be-an-acrobat, anna karenina, barack obama, bbc period drama, belle and sebastian, bright young things, canadian accents, charles dickens, choose life choose trainspotting, concord massachusetts, danny boyle, degas, doonas and chocolate, dorothy parker, dusty springfield, english literature, evelyn waugh, feminism, fisher&sons funeral home, fred & ginger, freshly ironed peter alexanders, german, harry potter, ipod, jane austen, jane campion, kate bush (is-a-godess), kikki.k, long foot massages, marie antoinette, mary poppins, melina marchetta, misfits, monet, murder checkers; sha-tah!, not the megatron!, oh great illinois!, oscar wilde, penguin classics, placebo, politics, pushing daisies, rachel maddow, raindrops against my window, room with a view, serenity, shakespeare, skins, sleepy hollow, spaced, spooks, star wars, stella!, stephen fry, sytycd, t2, that-miranda-is-a-botticelli-angel, the breakfast club, the mitford girls, the painted veil, the sound of music, this-one-goes-to-eleven, travel, united states, vivien leigh, we're like crystal, welcome to alconleigh, wes anderson, witchery, wonderfalls, ,
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